Sunday, July 1, 2012

Easy Stuffed Crust Pizza Bites

What You Need
1 can of Pillsbury refrigerated classic pizza crust
Mozzarella Cheese
20 pieces of pepperoni ( small)
1/8 cup of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of Italian seasoning
Parmesan cheese
Pizza Sauce – Warm

What To Do
Preheat oven to 400
Roll out dough and cut into 20 rectangle
Place a small amount of mozzarella and pepperoni in the center of each
Now fold the dough together wrapping around the filling- you want to make a pocket.
Place each bite onto cookie sheet lined with parchment paper – seam side down.
In a small bowl mix oil and seasonings.
Brush seasoning on the bites. Sprinkle with parmesan.
Bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with pizza sauce
Enjoy :)



  1. These looks amazing!! Must try thanks.

  2. What a great idea, thank you! My kids are going to love this :)

  3. My GrandGirls 5 & 9 can help me make this along with your Cherry Limeade! Thanks

  4. mmm mmm good!! These look so good!!

  5. Those look so easy to make? Why do I make it harder in my head than it has to be? lol My boys would love these!