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35 Kitchen Tips – A Collection Of Timeless Wisdom

This tip list is a continuation of 45 Cooking & Baking Tips – A Collection Of Timeless Wisdom with this collection containing handy Kitchen Tips from the 1950s and 1960s.
I’ve also included a few tips found on Tipnut where there was more info available.

35 Kitchen Tips – A Collection Of Timeless Wisdom

  1. A damp cloth under any bowl or dish in which you are stirring or beating something will keep it from sliding around.
  2. Oil can openers and other kitchen gadgets with olive or cooking oil. Glycerin will work too.
  3. When working with hot peppers and the heat gets into your hands, wash your hands in diluted bleach to stop the burn.
  4. Salt and vinegar will remove tea stains from china. See also How To Remove Coffee & Tea Stains From Mugs.
  5. Something boil over on the stove? A sprinkle of salt will absorb the juice and stop the smoking.
  6. Sprinkle a handful of table salt over a “run over” in your oven. It will stop the burned smell until you are through baking and can wash it.
  7. If your glass coffee pot gets cloudy, make tea in it. Tea’s tannic content will remove the film. See also How To Clean A Coffee Pot.
  8. Some vinegar in a glass or cup placed in the refrigerator will do away with that ice box odor.
  9. To remove any disagreeable odor from your hands or a cooking vessel, wash with apple cider vinegar.
  10. If hands get stained from chopping vegetables, rub them with slices of raw potato.
  11. Use vanilla extract to sooth cooking burns and to keep them from blistering. Cider vinegar also helps–just dab on the burn, reapply if necessary.
  12. Put a large teaspoon of baking soda in thermos bottle, fill with boiling water and cap occasionally between use. All adhering material loosens, comes off and sweetens the bottle.
  13. A rubber patch cut from an inner tube makes a good temporary sink stopper.
  14. Replace worn kitchen shades with oilcloth–using the slat and roller from the old one. These are long wearing and washable.
  15. Put a roll of shelf paper into an empty aluminum foil container, lets you tear off pieces quickly and neatly.
  16. Line the tops of cupboards with sheets of wax paper to protect cupboards from grease buildup and no more messy cleanup jobs.
  17. A cloth dipped in lemon juice will clean discoloration on aluminum pots and cookware. Rinse and wipe dry.
  18. Bring back some shine to aluminum pans by boiling apple peels in them.
  19. Mesh scouring pads make fine pincushions when you cover them with leftover scraps of materials.
  20. To pick up slivers of broken glass, wet a piece of paper toweling and apply gently to surface, the slivers will cling to the wet towel.
  21. When stirring anything hot, always use a wooden spoon. It never gets hot nor does it scratch the cookware.
  22. Place a jar lid on the bottom of the double boiler. It will rattle when the water gets too low.
  23. Neutralize strong cooking odors by boiling three teaspoons of ground clove in two cups water for 15 minutes. You can also heat vinegar on the stove top to clear the smell. See also Fragrant Home: 13 Simmering Pot Recipes.
  24. If two glasses are stuck together, fill the top glass with cold water and set the bottom glass in hot water. Try to carefully twist the two glasses apart after a minute.
  25. Make sure you let your metal pans cool before washing otherwise they may warp.
  26. Boil a bit of vinegar and salt in an iron skillet to remove burned on bits.
  27. Put the potato masher into cold water as soon as you’re done using it, it will clean easier.
  28. Use a plastic knitting needle to use as a plunger in a narrow funnel opening that thick sauces won’t go through easily.
  29. Use an egg slicer to slice butter into individual pats. This tip also works for fresh mushrooms.
  30. Use foam meat trays between each plate of fine china when stacking for storage, will help prevent scratches.
  31. Squeeze a wedge of lemon after handling fish, will remove the fish smell from your hands.
  32. Don’t throw fat away even if it was used for frying fish and has retained the odor, simply fry a slice of potato in the fat and the potato will absorb the odor.
  33. Dip rusted metalware in pure cider vinegar then let it dry. After a few days you should be able to wipe away the remaining loose particles.
  34. When the edges get rough on plastic serving utensils, file the edges smooth with a new emery board.
  35. Mark eggs to use up first with a pencil before filling tray with fresh eggs.
And here’s a fun one just for giggles:
  • Never shake or poke a pop-up toaster to empty crumbs, instead use a chicken feather to brush them out.
If you enjoyed these tips, you won’t want to miss the cooking & baking tip list.

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