Friday, June 29, 2012

Keep Your Houseplants Alive Even While You’re Away From Home

How do you handle keeping the plants alive while you’re off traveling for days at a time? If you’re like the geniuses at LifeHackery Central, you’ll forget that you even have houseplants and come home to dried-up leaves and stems littering your floor. Oops.
plastic bottles
If you just can’t ask someone to come water your plants for you while you’re away, don’t spend a ton of money on one of those fancy time-release watering systems. For the price of a soda and some old pantyhose, you can make your own.
Start with an empty plastic bottle that once held a soft drink or water. Use a single-serving bottle for smaller plants or a 2-liter bottle for larger pots. This will only work with bottles that have screw-top caps, so don’t throw the cap away when you’re done with the drink.
Cut the very bottom part of the bottle off (so it resembles a funnel) using a sharp knife or scissors. We wouldn’t suggest a saw, but don’t ask why we know that. Then put a few holes in the bottle cap with a nail, drill, or your trusty Dremel. Don’t make them too big and don’t put more than three or four holes in one cap.
Cut a square of material from an old pair of pantyhose and put it over the opening of the bottle. Screw the holey cap on to hold the square of pantyhose in place. The nylon will act as a filter to keep dirt from gumming up the holes in the cap.
When it’s all assembled, just bury the bottom (the part with the cap) of your new watering device in the pot with the plant. Make sure that it’s buried deep enough to be stable and not tip over and fall out of the soil.
Fill the bottle up with water and go enjoy yourself on vacation. The small holes in the bottle will release water slowly into the soil, making sure that your plant is never under-watered or over-watered.

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