Friday, June 29, 2012

Extraordinary Uses for Shampoo

Shampoo is the solution you can rely on for total haircare. Through its foamy base, it collects dirt and dandruff from your hair and scalp, giving your locks a nice healthy shine. The funny thing is, haircare only takes a fraction of the solution’s uses. Shampoo’s base and formulation give it a handful of alternative uses, all of which make the solution a handy item to have.

Makeup Remover

Makeup is pretty stubborn. It hugs the skin tightly, making it an annoying substance to remove. Even with soap, water, and much scrubbing, it takes time for makeup to fade. Shampoo comes as a rather unlikely yet effective remedy. Its sticky and slippery base makes short work of thick makeup layers. When removing eye makeup, use baby shampoo, since its gentle formulation won’t irritate your eyes. Apply shampoo in conjunction with soap and water for quick results. (More tips on how to make a makeup remover)
removing make-up

Nail Dirt Remover

The dirt beneath your nails are headaches to remove. Nail-cleaning tools, at times, push the dirt farther or make them stick to the nails. In this case, you can depend on your shampoo to extract them. Apply a small amount to each fingernail. Spread the solution on the sides and beneath the tips. Once it settles, rinse it off with soap and water. Your nails will look slick and shiny right after. If it doesn’t work, shampoo your hair, using your fingertips to apply the solution on your scalp and locks. After rinsing, your nails will be spotless.

Shaving Cream Substitute

shaving creamShaving cream is one of the products often forgotten during grocery day. Good thing shampoo isn’t. In the absence of a shaving solution, apply shampoo or conditioner on the areas to be shaved. Sprinkle a little water to make the solution a bit thicker. Once done, run your razor on the sections with shampoo. You’ll, then, have a close shave, which rivals the results of shaving cream.

Cuticle Softener

Cuticles, when they harden, are tough to remove, even if you use sharp instruments. You might end up wounding your fingers. Make the job easier by soaking them in shampoo or conditioner. Shampoo’s formulation softens hair, the way it makes your cuticles tender. Once you feel them soften, extract the cuticle with ease using your cuticle remover.

Zipper Lubricant

Jammed zippers are nightmares, especially when you’re in dire need to empty your bladder. Prevent disaster by apply some shampoo on your zipper. Spread it through the set of zipper teeth, which ensures a smooth disengagement after. If it doesn’t loosen up, apply the slightly thicker hair conditioner. Your zipper will surely open up upon application.

Car Cleaner

Wary about your dirty car paint? Baby shampoo can remove dirt and minor stains, without damaging your paint job. Its slippery base won’t have trouble taking out those eyesores upon application. Just scrub car wax after, for an elegant sheen. (For more information on car cleaners, read The Guide to car cleaner)
car cleaning

More than Meets the Scalp

Shampoo is pretty surprising, given its list of alternative uses. It may even eliminate the use of other household solutions, which eases some load off your weekly budget. Be sure to stack more than a few bottles come grocery day.

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  1. Bob on May 25th, 2009
    really useful things i never knew! vry cool
  2. Sue Thomas on May 29th, 2009
    Very interesting! Shampoo can also be used for bubble baths ( ask my grandkids about this!) and also for washing delicates. I have used shampoo for my own manicures (pour a small amount in a little bowl and add a bit od warm soft!!)
  3. Ced on July 22nd, 2009
    I used shampoo the other day to clean the grill rack from the oven. It was encrusted with fat and bits and the shampoo did a lovely job!
  4. Fred Thompson on July 26th, 2009
    Shampoo can also be used to unclog a toilet. This is quite helpful in a hotel room. Pour a little shampoo in the water so it hits the side of the bowl and slides down next to the offending material. Wait 15 minutes. Flush. Less embarassing than calling maintenance.
  5. m ruberton on July 27th, 2009
    Shampoo dilutes is great for ring around the collar pretreatment prior to washing.
    Ring around the collar is just body oil the same substance shampoo removes from your hair and gentle too
  6. Jen on July 28th, 2009
    Shampoo can also be used to get oil out of clothes. I spilled some down my shirt one day and decided I couldn’t wear it because my detergent wouldn’t get it out. Silly me! I put some shampoo on the spot, washed it as normal, and voila - spots gone!

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