Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Strange But Amazing Uses for Apples

Even though Apples are extremely yummy to eat there are many other uses for them.
1) Keeps Cake Fresh – Store cakes with a half of an apple – it will keep the cake nice and moist. Simple.
2) Roasting The Perfect Chicken – Stuff a Whole Chicken with an apple to keep it moist while cooking ( discard apple afterwards) – this is one of Budget Savvy Diva’s cooking secrets.
3) Loosen Up That Brown Sugar – Simple place a apple wedge in a bag of hardened brown sugar and tightly seal the bag and wait a day or two and it will be soft again ( SCORE!)
4) Ripen Tomatoes – Place unripened tomatoes with a apple in a paper bag for a couple of days.
5) Too much salt? – If your soup or stew is too salty simply add some apple wedges for 10 minutes. The apple will soak up excess salt.
How cool are these tips :) Enjoy!!!
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