Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ham & Cheese Cups

This morning’s Goode & Gooseberry Project recipe was Ham & Cheese Cups
I love these little dudes! I even popped the leftovers in the freezer ;)
You start with a muffin tin… and ignore the water spots ;) The recipe calls for “Texas sized muffin tins”, but I live in Indiana and my muffin tins are a bit smaller, so I had to make do…just sayin’
I then grabbed a tube of biscuits and got down to business.
You smash a biscuit down in the bottom of each sprayed muffin pan.
A small pan makes 10.
Then grab some cubed or diced ham.
And toss a few into each cup
Sprinkle on a little cheese and set aside ;)
Now crack 4 eggs into a mixing bowl
Add 2 T of Milk
1 t of Parsley
Kosher salt and fresh black pepper…
And whisk ‘er up
Now pour the mixture into each little cup and bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees
Miss Add asked me if I was going to decorate them! Lol!
It would be fun to decorate them with ketchup or even mustard…
Truth be told, Puddie thought I was weird on the mustard thing until he tried it. I heart mustard with eggs ;)

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